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Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit

From 1840 until 1940, freak shows by the hundreds crisscrossed the United States, from the smallest towns to the largest cities, exhibiting their casts of dwarfs, giants, Siamese twins, bearded ladies, savages, snake charmers, fire eaters, and other oddities. By today’s standards such displays would be considered cruel and exploitative—the [...]

How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends! (Selling from the Soul. Ancient Wisdoms. Modern Practice)

It’s no secret that knowing ‘How to Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time’… and ‘Listening to What is Being Meant, Not Just What is Being Said’… are the essential problem-solving skills of the effective Distributor. These skills will get you what you want, faster and more efficiently. They [...]

Secret Splendors of the Chinese Court: Qing Dynasty Costume from the Charlotte Hill Grant Collection

Collectors can uncover truths to their favorite collectible jewelry in a few easy steps with this unmatched resource! Secrets to Buying Collectible Jewelry is filled with the knowledge you need to avoid costly mistakes and build a better collection for less. With sections about cut, settings and metals; what to [...]

Buying & Selling Your Way to a Fabulous Wedding with eBay

Your wedding day. A day you’ve dreamed about your whole life. You’ve imagined the romantic setting, your fairytale dress, the piece of art that is your cake. But have you imagined the cost? On average, Americans spend approximately $22,000 on a wedding. Invitations, cake toppers, rings, dresses, and decorations quickly [...]

The Smoking Lung

Costumes, Accessories, Props, and Stage Illusions Made Easy

Transform common people into superheroes, movie stars, witches – whatever illusion you want to create. Creative costuming is all in the details. One garment can take on many totally different looks depending on how you accessorise it. Over the years, the author has learned all the tricks about how anyone [...]


Miken ASA Freak FX 700 Supermax Slowpitch

Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll

Mattel Monster High Nefera DE Nile Doll.

They Call Me Baba Booey

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Includes all-new ma-ma-material!ALL NEW CHAPTER:Baba Booey’s Afghanistan Journal!and . . . the Shvoogie Buzzer story!One of pop culture’s great enduring unsung heroes: Gary Dell’Abate, Howard Stern Show producer, miracle worker, professional good sport, and servant to the King of All Media, tells the story of his [...]

Paper Magic Unisex – Adult Angry Birds King Pig Costume, Green, One Size

Your favorite app is now available as a costume. made from 100% polyester this angry birds green king pig costume will be a hit this year. just slip the one size fits all costume over your clothes and head out the door, but watch out for the angry birds also [...]